In the summer of 2011 following my graduation from high school, I set out to pursue a budding interest of mine, photography. I had just gone through an entire year of being part of the Yearbook committee, where I took a great liking to taking photos. I saved my money from allowances and various paid projects I did around the house to by my very first (and current) DSLR.

Throughout college, I have been recruited into being the official photographer for various events, graduation and couple photoshoots, as well as the random “hey let’s go around campus and take headshots for fun,” most of which I will be posting on here.

I currently still hold a passion for photography, and pick up my camera every once in awhile when my life isn’t being dictated by school and work. When I look back at old photos and my more recent photos, I can see the growth in my aesthetic, perspective, and technique, and I looked forward to seeing where this takes me. Photography used to be a hobby for me. Now it’s one of my greatest passions.

333469_10151373417165152_1239113356_o (1)

All photos taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T3 (I plan on upgrading as soon as I’m done with my undergraduate career).


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