Old Shoots: The Lipstick Portraits (2012)


My freshman year of college, I stumbled upon a photo series, The Lipstick Portraits, by a photographer by the name of Michael Angelo. The Lipstick Portraits was a series of photos depicting various subjects posing wearing red lipstick. The purpose of the series was to raise awareness about sex trafficking in Asia, in which young children were forced into sex slavery by being marked with red lipstick.

Inspired by such a strong message and a great cause, I decided to create a similar photo series of my own, featuring a handful of my friends. This was the first themed photoshoot I’ve ever done.

336747_10150533674625152_1808386977_o 326105_10150470315230152_1720722653_o 331036_10150468304265152_444208233_o329275_10150533731375152_990512821_o


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