Grad Shoot 2015: Hunter

IMG_8373 copy

This year, I made it a point to promote my photography to those who were interested in having (cheap) graduation portraits taken. To my surprise, a good number of people wanted in, Hunter included.

IMG_8473 copy IMG_8352 copy IMG_8324 copy

Hunter is a close friend of mine who I met our freshman year of college when we lived in the same building on campus. Hunter will be graduating this year from Cal Poly with a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management, and is also a member of the Kappa Delta sorority.

IMG_8392 copy IMG_8423 copy IMG_8388 copy IMG_8305 copy IMG_8297 copy IMG_8293 copyIMG_8289 copy IMG_8286 copy IMG_8274 copy  IMG_8413 copy IMG_8411 copy IMG_8504 copy IMG_8503 copy IMG_8456 copy


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