Grad Shoot 2015: Elyse

IMG_8672 copy

Elyse was also one of the first people who recruited me into taking her graduation photos. Despite it being such a gloomy day and our collective exhaustion (she had just come from a banquet that day, and I had done another photo shoot earlier that day), I’m still very proud of how these turned out.

IMG_8531 copy IMG_8540 copy IMG_8552 copy

Elyse is another close friend of mine that I met my freshman year at Cal Poly through the Kellogg Honors College. We were Ambassadors for the Honors College together for 4 years. Elyse will be graduating this year with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is also part of the Kappa Delta sorority.

IMG_8577 copy IMG_8695 copy IMG_8575 copy  IMG_8602 copy IMG_8600 copy IMG_8578 copy

 IMG_8573 copy  IMG_8663 copy IMG_8531 copy IMG_8550 copy IMG_8518 copyIMG_8630 copy


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