Engagement Portraits: Chris & Megan Traub (2014)


In the past, I have mostly done individual photo shoots (head shots and stuff), as well as the occasional “oh that’s a cool looking building, let me stand in this weird way and take an ‘artsy’ shot of it” spontaneous shoots. Up until February of last year, I had never done a couple-themed photoshoot.

A friend of mine that I have known since our freshman year of college, Megan, got engaged at the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens on Valentine’s Day of 2014, and asked me if I could do an engagement photoshoot for her and her now husband, Chris. They wanted their photos taken at the place where Chris proposed, which meant I would be able to get into the Gardens for free, so naturally, I agreed. It was a great experience taking these photos for Megan and Chris, and I was delighted to have been a part of such a momentous occasion. The free admission into the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens was just a plus.

1925997_10152299468690152_1269957037_o 1890658_10152299468395152_1330747789_o 1799881_10152299468085152_763719076_o


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